Long Coat Chihuahuas
Italian Greyhounds

Our Family

 It doesn't take long realize how much love a little dog can bring into a home. Toy breeds always seem to get the bad rap of being nothing but yappers. Boy, is that a bad stereo-type...after an intial "hello", you don't even realize there are dogs in our home! Needless to say, that is what started us on our way to "Chihuahuamania" ! Here is our "little" family.....

Our Chihuahuas:


This is Leonardo, the "shy one". He is one of the most loving animals there is once you get to know him.

Leo is also the frisbee champ.

This is Stewart. He Thinks he is human... If you don't believe us, you should try to hear him talk!


Nothing but pure love. Her heart is as big on the inside as it shows on her coat!


From the first time I saw an Italian Greyhound, I knew I wanted one. They might be a little larger than the Chihuahua, but they are most definitely lap dogs. They are happiest when you give them a blanket to crawl under. Watching them run with such grace is a must see!

Our Italian Greyhounds:

He just wants everyone to love him. Visitors beware...he just loves to jump right into your arms and give you a hug! He has received his first major toward champion.


Who says cats and dogs cannot live in harmony? When Angie is not cuddling with the boys, CC is always there to lay with her. She comes from a long line of champions and will be introduced to the show ring.



Alfonso is his daddy. He does not jump like his daddy but loves to be in your arms just the same!

This is Carmella! She is the baby of the family and just became a mommy for the first time!

This is our newest member. She was Angie's last we just had to keep her!

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